SNA places full standby for advancing anti-terror operation

Mogadishu Ground forces commander General Mohamed Tahlil Bihi led a large delegation including Hiran region governor Ali Jayte Osman to frontlines in the province.

Bihi has encouraged troops doubling anti-AlShabab terrorists offensives, putting soldiers full standby for advancing operations.

On his side, Osman sent a strong warning to those who spreading misinformation about the nationwide military campaign against militants.

National Army on Friday took control of nine villages including strategic area Basra in Middle Shabelle region after a coordinated operation.

Defense Minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur told Somali National News Agency (SONNA) that troops also razed several AlShabab terror group barracks.

In exclusive phone interview, he pointed out that the enemy fled, and troops faced no resistance, meaning no clash and casualties or fatalities on side of the Somali National Army (SNA).


Source: Somali National News Agency