SNA chief confirms 75 Al-Shabab terrorists killed in operation

Mogadishu Somali National Army chief Odowa Yusuf Ragge says death toll rises to 75 terrorists in anti-AlShabaab operation in Hiran province.

The military activity which backed by information from residents to troops took place in Yaasooman village yesterday (September, 17 2022).

“We also have scores of prisoners,” he said in exclusive phone interview to SONNA. “The op still underway as planned”.

Regge has also frankly hailed sacrifice of the soldiers, described as the highest point of patriotism, and urged locals to double collaborating with forces.

“They (the army) signed away their lives, comfort and family bond to defend the territorial integrity of over beloved country,” he added.

Al-Shabab terror group lost control of more than 30 areas in recent nationwide military campaign as Somali government committed ending of their brutality.


Source: Somali National News Agency

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