Press Statement: Juba Hotel Bombing

Mogadishu, Another malicious attack has occurred at the hands of al-Shabaab. On the evening of July 2nd, a suicide bomber wearing a vest detonated the device near the Juba Hotel killing at least 10 people with dozens injured. The attack occurred during a busy hour where the victims were enjoying a local tea shop.

Once again al-Shabaab has proven that their violence has no bounds and will kill indiscriminately. Al-Shabaab only strive to cause pain destruction and chaos. These ideals have no place in a free Somalia.

The investigation is still ongoing into this cruel and heinous act of al-Shabaab. The SNA and Danab work tirelessly for the people of Somalia to live in peace, prosperity and free from al-Shabaab’s indiscriminate crimes.

Source: Somali National News Agency