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Press Statement: Al-Shabaab Attack Near Banadir Hospital

Mogadishu, The terrorist group al-Shabaab has once again failed to tear down the Somali people with their insidious attacks.

In the morning of July 10th, approximately 1030 am, al-Shabaab targeted Colonel Farhan Mohamud Qarole with an improvised explosive device where 4 civilians were killed and 9 others injured. The attempt on Colonel Qarole’s life, like everything al-Shabaab does, was met with failure. Colonel Qarole is alive and doing very well.

“The only thing al-Shabaab terrorist and criminals know is violence, however the Somali people will not let them destroy what we have worked so hard to create. With every vicious attack, al-Shabaab perpetrates on the Somali people, it makes us stronger in the fight against them. Al-Shabaab will never break our will, never break our spirit and never take Somalia from us. Just like Colonel Qarole, Somalia will live to fight another day. Somalia will never stop fighting al-Shabaab until we are free from their persecution and violence.” Said Osman Abukar Dubbe, the minister of Information, Culture and Tourism ministry for the Federal Government of Somalia.

Source: Somali National News Agency