Department of Economic Development of the Ministry of Planning holds a meeting

Mogadishu, The Department of Economic Development of the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development of the Federal Government of Somalia held a consultation meeting in Mogadishu on the Pillar of Economic Development of the National Development Plan (NDP-9) and the preliminary activities of the National Government Plan.

This meeting was attended by all the Ministries of the economic pillar of the country, and several points were discussed which were part of the strengthening and coordination of the direct economic pillar and the setting of the strategy, and it was also agreed to strengthen the cooperation between Ministries of production in the country to reduce poverty together.

Among the points analyzed in the Conference were:-

1. Integration and cooperation in some decisions that are important for economic development.

2: Confirmation of the process established by the government to achieve financial self-sufficiency in the National-Interest (DAN-KARAN) government.

3. To find a consultation process, and maintain it with a focus on a strategic and transparent system.

4. To coordinate all the existing Departments and sources of economic production, which are the foundation of the country’s economic resources.

The Economic Development Department of the Ministry of Planning will implement specific strategies for the sector, to advance the economic growth agenda by modernizing and improving sectors, and strengthening production and services for sustainable development.

Finally, the Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development, H.E Mohamud Abdirahman (Beene Beene) praised the economic growth of the country, and also encouraged domestic production, which is the second priority of the Dan-Karan government, to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Source: Somali National News Agency

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