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LUSAKA, Zambia and China, on Saturday, reaffirmed their commitments to promoting cultural cooperation, in order to enhance people-to-people understanding.

The two countries made the commitment during a cultural performance, by the Jilin Art Troupe, as part of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

Richard Musukwa, Zambia's acting Minister of Tourism and Arts, said, the southern African nation values the importance of culture, in building people-to-people relations and was keen to learn from cultures of other countries like China.

Zambia, he said, appreciates the support it has been receiving from China, in cultural exchanges, which have enhanced the cooperation that has existed between the two countries in the last 55 years.

According to him, performances by various Chinese cultural groups were an inspiration, not only to the people of Zambia, but local artists as well, who should also emulate the Chinese groups and aspire to do better.

Li Jie, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, acknowledged the bilateral relations over the years, adding that, cultural cooperation has also played a part in enhancing ties.

He said, the cultural cooperation has also resulted in the promotion of the learning of the Chinese language in various schools in Zambia, with 10,000 students currently learning the Chinese language.

He further said, about 4,000 Zambian students are currently studying in various universities in China.

Source: NAM News Network