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Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, 31 May 2019

Key figures:

24.1 M people in need

3.65 M displaced since March 2015

More than 80 per cent have been displaced more than a year

1.28 M IDP returnees

265,440 refugees

9,746 asylum seekers


USD 198.6 M required for 2019 operations

USD 70.1 M received as of 21 May 2019

IDP Response

Internal displacement continues to blight the lives of thousands of Yemenis, a phenomenon which has been prevalent since the earliest days of the conflict. According to the International Organization for Migration's (IOM) latest Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) a total of 42,596 families been displaced during 1 January - 26 May 2019. The majority have come from Hajjah (25,889 families) and Hudaydah (4,374 families), as well as the more recent flashpoint of Al Dhale'e (8,604 families). IOM-DTM reports some 1,681 families were displaced from and within Al Dhale'e governorate, in the last two weeks (12-26 May) alone. UNHCR is scaling up assistance in the neighbouring governorates and pre-positioned 2,000 core-relief items (CRIs) as an immediate response to the situation in Al Dhale'e in addition to the 2,000 CRIs already distributed in the governorate.

During the reporting period, UNHCR partner Jeel Al-Bena conducted the home assessment and verification (for rental subsidy) of 1,028 old and recently displaced IDP families in Hajjah city. Once assessed as a vulnerable household, they will receive rental assistance in two instalments which provides them with cash for rent for a period of six months. According to the IOMDTM, a total of 438 families have been displaced to Hajjah city since the beginning of this year.

Emergency distributions are also on-going in various districts including the fareastern governorate of Al Mahrah and the southern governorates of Aden, Taizz and the southern district of At Tuhayat, Al Hudaydah governorate on the west coast. A total of 1,164 families received CRIs and 334 families received emergency shelter kits (ESKs) in the mentioned areas during the reporting period. So far this year, UNHCR through partners distributed some 31,000 CRIs and 9,000 ESKs countrywide.

Refugee Response

The 33rd boat left Aden with 123 Somali refugees on 29 May, before Eid holidays.

Since 2017, 4,296 people have travelled from Yemen to Somalia as part of UNHCR's Assisted Spontaneous Return (ASR) programme. Close to 7,000 persons have been given information and counselling on voluntary returns at UNHCR's Return Helpdesks, including 26 during the reporting period.

Children continue to be the focus of UNHCR's assistance, including promoting the importance of birth certificates which allow access to public services such as schools and hospitals. This week, 11 children obtained birth certificates with UNHCR's advocacy (169 since the beginning of this year). UNHCR runs a family centre close to Sana'a, in Amanat Al Asimah governorate for refugee children, providing comprehensive services such as informal education and managing a child-care centre for various age groups and needs. During the reporting period, nine children were provided with psychosocial sessions and ten home visits were carried out as part of a comprehensive case management process of monitoring unaccompanied and separated children, children at risk and those with disabilities.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees