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LONDON, April 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) — Arab people long for social justice, democracy, freedom and dignity. Al Araby Al Jadeed aims to reflect these aspirations through providing credible, independent news coverage free from any kind of political or partisan interference and influence. Its only bias is towards just values of equality, citizenship and to a fully inclusive and pluralistic understanding of Pan Arabism.

Al Araby Al Jadeed pledges to be a platform for diverse views and opinions, offering its readers a plethora of opinions and comments that enrich the minds of its readers whilst standing firmly against oppression, resisting occupation and supporting Arab citizens in their search for a life of dignity.

Believing firmly in the importance of pluralism and diversity, Al Araby Al Jadeed aims to serve the widest range of readers from the Arab public at large by presenting high quality, independent journalism and analysis. It believes that in doing so; it will fill an existing gap in a highly populated Arab media environment.

Constructive criticism and holding media outlets to account are two actions that can only improve the quality of Arab journalism. Al Araby Al Jadeed invites its readers to engage with its writers and hold them and the site as a whole to account. Only through such an approach can it truly claim to respect its readers.

Today, Al Araby Al Jadeed presents a new approach to Arab journalism.


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