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World Vision Somalia: Situation Report | July 1 – June 31, 2019

Key messages

Overall situation: World Vision continued to provide multi-sectoral assistance to people affected by the crises in Somalia and strengthened the link between humanitarian interventions,resilience-building and development programs. Despite improvements in the humanitarian situation due to the increased rainfall and sustained humanitarian action, the needs are still great due to displacements and impact of drought and floods in some areas. World Vision needs additional USD $6.1 million to scale up activities across key sectors in health, nutrition, water and hygiene and education programmes.

Food security: Somalia continues to experience extreme levels of food insecurity with 5.4 million people being food insecure in July.The delayed start and poor performance of the 2019 Gu' (April-June) rains resulted in severe drought conditions. The Government and aid community are together implementing a Drought Impact Response Plan which will provide critical life-saving assistance.

Malnutrition: The number of children likely to face acute food insecurity in Somalia continues to rise with an estimated 0.9 million affected.

Urgent scaling up of humanitarian assistance is required. Without adequate and timely funding,WorldVision will not be able to respond to the continuous nutrition crisis or to reach the most vulnerable children in need of health, education, protection and WASH services. Additional funding will help to provide critical services to drought affected areas and the internally displaced persons.

Source: World Vision