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JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, The OIC General Secretariat, calls upon Member States and their humanitarian organisations, to urgently extend immediate assistance to Somalia, which is currently facing devastating floods, in the southern parts of the country, affected by the heavy rains on the Ethiopian highlands.

Based on the information received by the Somali Federal Government, and members of the Alliance of Islamic Cooperation Organisation, UN agencies, the OIC office in Mogadishu has warned, from the consequences of a major humanitarian disaster, in light of the continued high water levels, in the rivers of Juba and Shabelle.

This foreshadows the expansion of the disaster and the occurrence of large destruction, resulting in the loss of shelter and food for tens of thousands of people, especially in light of the precarious situation of food security in Somalia, as well as, epidemics due to the poor living conditions, as a result of the disaster.

The OIC Office, has so far, provided food and drinking water, health care, and contributed to building temporary dams on the river banks, in addition to other quick and rubber boats, to deliver aid to the besieged in the affected areas.

Source: Nam News Network