University of Roehampton, London Online Launches Four Education Masters Programmes

- New degrees designed to help education practitioners impact individual learners of all ages

LONDON, May 5, 2014 / PRNewswire — The University of Roehampton’s School of Education has a long-established international reputation for high-quality teaching and research. To further the vision of the school and develop outstanding education professionals around the world, the University is launching four fully online practitioner-focused Master of Arts degrees within the education discipline. The new online education programmes follow the professional practitioner approach, providing students with the knowledge, skills and ability to apply research-led solutions to the current educational challenges faced in today’s classrooms and learning settings.

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University of Roehampton, London Online.


“These new online programmes help prepare professionals to enhance educational opportunities by improving learning experiences, both in policy and in practice, that impact upon individual learners,” said Dr Jon Spence, deputy director of the School of Education. “Students can develop skills and knowledge to enhance their professional practice to stay ahead in a dynamic and evolving profession, whether they teach in a school, university or even a corporate training setting.”

Designed to fit into the learner-centered approach of Roehampton’s School of Education, the four online programmes focus on understanding the individual learner and providing education solutions, so each individual can reach his or her full potential. The programmes are:

  • Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching: Relevant for any teaching professional at any level from primary school to adults, this programme is based on a recent shift towards teachers ensuring their learning practice is applied to meet the needs of a diverse set of learners in their classroom. This includes understanding how to assess the needs of the whole learner—child or adult — and not just their academic performance.
  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership: Focused on providing practitioners with the skills and knowledge to effectively lead within different educational settings, this programme is designed to prepare leaders of change regardless of their current position. Students can gain an understanding of change management, responsive leadership and other core issues, providing them with an opportunity to advance their career while having a positive impact on the lives of their students and making a difference in their school, community, city or country.
  • Master of Arts in Inclusive Special Education: For teachers working with children or individuals with disabilities or special needs, this programme explores local, national and international perspectives on inclusive and special education and how current perspectives can impact the treatment of those with disabilities. Students have the opportunity to develop as practitioners and apply the skills and knowledge they learn to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities.
  • Master of Arts in Technology and Learning Design: For those who have an interest in educational design, this programme gives students a big-picture perspective of learning design practice by gaining an in-depth understanding of the field through an appreciation of historical and theoretical practices. Students then apply this understanding through a hands-on approach to designing a programme of their choosing.

The four new programmes join a growing portfolio of online masters degrees including a Master of Business Administration (MBA), MSc in Project Management, MSc in Information Systems Management, MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management, MSc in Strategic Supply Chain Management and Master of Public Health (MPH), each at an all-inclusive tuition fee of $10,000 USD.

Roehampton Online also recognises relevant work experience in place of a higher degree, such as a bachelors degree, as an alternative route to admission. Through these programmes, adult learners around the world can gain the critical thinking skills and practical knowledge they need to expand their expertise and potentially advance their careers. In a collaborative online environment that fosters learning, students engage with a diverse global community through blogs, message boards and chat groups.

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About the University of Roehampton, London Online
The University of Roehampton, London, has been providing quality education through its colleges for more than 170 years. The University has one of the most diverse communities of students in the UK and maintains a strong tradition of commitment to equality. Today, it continues this tradition of excellence by providing working professionals around the world with access to high-quality online masters degree programmes at an exceptional price.

In partnership with online learning expert Laureate International Universities — a global network of high-quality, innovative, accredited institutions of higher education — the University of Roehampton, London Online connects a diverse community of adult learners through an engaging online learning experience. The University’s programmes are designed to enrich students’ knowledge and help them develop practical skills that can be applied in their jobs immediately and promote career advancement. For information about Roehampton’s online programmes, visit

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