UNESCO commended for supporting ethical training in Ghana

UNESCO has been commemded for supporting a week's Ethics Teachers Training Course in Accra.

The training, organised by UNESCO offices in Accra and Abuja, in collaboration with the School of Continuing and Distance Education, University of Ghana, aimed at advancing the pedagogical capacity of ethics teaching and improving the quality of ethics education around the world.

The course was a comprehensive training module developed by UNESCO covering topics such as global perspectives on ethics teaching, the UNESCO core curriculum, gender and bioethics, ethics teaching in action, classroom communication, and experience sharing in ethics teaching.

Ms Getrude Owusu-Ansah, a participant, said the course covered everything about ethics.

'I realised that ethics cut across everything, including our everyday interactions with people.

'The course has been an eye-opener for me because wherever I find myself, I look at the role of ethics without infringing on people's rights and responsibilities,' she said.

Ms Owusu-Ansah, who is a regulatory officer at the Food and Drugs Authority, said she would use the knowledge acquired to positively impact her work for national development.

Mr Christian Nnabuike Onoja, another participant, described the course as 'awesome' saying it had broadened his knowledge in ethics training.

'The group presentations and discussions have helped me gain different perspectives on how best to teach ethics,' he said.

Professor Hans Van Delden, a course facilitator, urged the participants to maintain the network and 'preach' the tenets of ethics in every sphere of their endeavours.

Prof Delden, who is a Lecturer, University Medical Centre of Utrecht, Netherlands, urged universities and educational institutions across the globe to integrate ethics in their curriculum.

The participants were presented with certificates for successful completion of the course.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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