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Two Stars of Science Innovators Advance to Next Round of Show

Contestants Progress in Qatar Foundation’s Media Initiative

DOHA, Qatar, Nov. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Two young Arab innovators have progressed to the next stage of Qatar Foundation’s Stars of Science TV show. Fouad Maksoud and Mohamed Farag bid farewell to Zainab Abosuhail, who came up just short with the show’s three-man jury.

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Fouad and Mohamed may have impressed so far, but they will need to redouble their efforts to keep their winning streaks alive in the next stage of the show.

Fouad provided the jury with an extensive explanation on the inner workings of his project, a machine that employs electro-spinning nanotechnology to make everyday textiles, like shirts or socks, water resistant. “Advancements in the nanotechnology field can have an enormous impact on our lives,” he said. “As someone who has spent years studying this technology, I know we have many reasons to be excited about its vast potential.”

Mohamed made a compelling argument for his device, a smart gym retrofit kit that automatically records and analyzes exercise metrics in the weight room, such as sets and repetitions. Mohamed’s passion for fitness is the inspiration behind his innovation. “Knowledge is power – and more knowledge during a workout can make you stronger,” he said. “My innovation will help motivate users to stay fit and enjoy an active lifestyle – an issue so important in our region.”

Watch the final prototyping episode this weekend, which will determine who joins Mohammed Al-Jefairi, Ahmad Nabeel, Fouad Maksoud, and Mohamed Farag in the Stars of Science customer validation round.

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Stars of Science, the flagship “edutainment reality” TV format initiated by Qatar Foundation, is the Arab world’s leading innovation show that enables the region’s aspiring science and technology entrepreneurs.

In this eighth season, nine candidates are challenged to develop creative solutions to regional problems within the fields of information technology, energy, environment, and health. An expert panel of jurors assesses and eliminates candidates and their innovative products in Prototyping and Customer Validation episodes until only four remain. These four finalists vie for a share of $600,000 in seed funding, determined by a jury deliberation and online voting from the public.

Stars of Science airs every Saturday from September 23rd 2017 until November 25th 2017. Please go to for a full list of broadcasters or to catch up on episodes.

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