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Turkish trained soldiers touch down in Mogadishu

The Somali defense minister Hassan Mohamed Ali welcomed newly Turkish trained Somali soldiers at Adan Ade International airport. The unit has spent some time in turkey receiving expert training from Turkish brothers.

The minister was accompanied by acting army general who is the currently the deputy army general and the commander of Somali army inventory unit General Odhawaa. They advised the new trainees to remain patriotic and use their skills to the benefit of the nation.

General Odhawaa Yususf Rage thanked the new trainees for the devotion to the nation and for persevering the hard conditions they were made to undergo during their training which was a vital preparation for the work ahead.

The acting army general Maj gen Abdi Hassan Mohamed Hijaar thanked the Turkish government and its people for the constant support they give to the Somali people.

The soldiers have spent one year undergoing vigorous training receiving skills from NATO standard trainers. They are others being trained by Turkish government in Somalia at Turk-Som barracks in Somalia. Turkey is one of the countries that greatly support Somalia national army in terms of skill and equipment

Source: Somali National News Agency