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Turkish Embassy iTurkish Embassy in Mogadishu marks 4th anniversary of the coup attemptn Mogadishu marks 4th anniversary of the coup attempt

Mogadishu(SONNA)-Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu has on Wednesday evening marked 4th anniversary of the coup attempt that happened on July 15, 2016SONNA reported.

“We commemorate our heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend Turkey on the 4th anniversary of the heinous coup attempt of the 15 July 2016 with respect and mercy”, Ambassador Mehmet Yilmaz said.

Ceremony was held at the Embassy in accordance with the recommendations of health authorities to curb Covid19

We are also pleased by the valuable participation of H.E.Mahdi Gulaid, DPM, Minister of Information, State Minister of Transportation, MPs. Deputy Mayor of Benaadir and other distinguished friends as well as our fellow citizens.

Source: Somali National News Agency