TOEIC® Program Launches New ‘Why English Matters’ Website

– Web-based documentary series spotlights the importance of English communication in international business

PRINCETON, New Jersey, April 9, 2014 / PRNewswire – The TOEIC Program recently launched Why English Matters, a new content-based website that seeks to build awareness and share information about the important role that English-language proficiency plays in the global economy.

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Introducing%20Why%20English TOEIC® Program Launches New Why English Matters Website

Introducing Why English Matters.

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Why English Matters features a new video documentary series that explores the role of English through interviews with human resource managers and decision makers from leading global organizations. The site also features related research and news articles about the impact of effective English communication skills for the international workforce.

“Since English is the official language of more than 70 countries, it is crucial for businesses that operate in a global economy to maintain a labor pool that is composed of competent English language communicators,” said David Hunt, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ETS’s Global Division.  “Through the Why English Matters site, we can provide these important stakeholders with the most relevant, up-to-date information and resources for developing and maintaining a capable English speaking workforce.”

The website was designed to engage all types of individuals, groups and organizations looking to leverage the power of English in the global economy, including companies, business leaders, human resources managers, news organizations and academic institutions.

ETS%20logo. TOEIC® Program Launches New Why English Matters Website

ETS logo.

“The website’s use-friendly platform was designed to make it easy for visitors to share the knowledge and materials that it holds,” said Shelly Punchatz, ETS’s Executive Director of Marketing. “Visitors to the site can share information through social media platforms in order to cultivate conversations around the importance of English language learning.”

Content on the site will be updated regularly in order to further the discussion of how English-language proficiency is vital for growth in workplaces all over the world.

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