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Speaker of the Somali parliament travels to south Africa

Speaker of the federal government of Somalia Hon Mohamed Mursal Shiekh Abdirahman led a team of parliamentarians to south Africa on an official visit. They were colorfully received by their south African counterparts in Johannesburg.

South Africa is hosting the annual retreat of speakers of parliaments are from Africa that is set to take place this week in Johannesburg. Somalia being a member of Africa was invited to the retreat and it is being represented by high level delegation led by the speaker of the Somali parliament.

The speaker was received by the Somali ambassador to south Africa His excellency Jamal Mohamed Barrow who informed the hearables that south Africa is strategical important country for Somalia and they need to strengthen the ties between the two nations.

The speaker thanked the ambassador and the embassy staff for the warm reception. He informed them that he will be in the country for the coming to take part in all Africa speakers meeting that is to take place in Johannesburg this year. The meeting will be held on 6th and 7th this month.

The main agenda for this year's annual parliament speakers retreat is Immigration. The retreat will serve as an opportunity to discuss current crises on immigration and ways of solving the problem

Source: Somali National News Agency