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South Africa: Change of Venue Intended to Enable Fruitful Hearings

The Co-Chairperson of the Joint Constitutional Review Committee refutes any suggestion that the public hearings by the Committee in Tshwane was moved as a result of pressure from any political party or civic organisation.

The only consideration that the Committee made was to create an environment that is conducive for fruitful hearings. This decision was taken to ensure that the people coming to the hearings present their view in an environment that will ensure maximum productive participation,rdquo; said Mr Vincent Smith, the Co-Chairperson of the Committee.

It is also worth mentioning that the Committee received more people than it had expected at all hearings held so far. It was thus important that a bigger venue that can cater for a larger group of people be found considering that the Tshwane hearings will be over a weekend,rdquo; Mr Smith emphasised.

While the Committee acknowledges that the decision was taken later than it should have, it was assured by the Municipality (City of Tshwane) that measures will be put in place to transport people from the initial venue to the new venue. Furthermore, emergency communications initiatives were undertaken to make people and stakeholders aware of the venue change.

The Committee remains confident that the change of venue will in no way adversely impact the hearings and that adequate measures have been put in place to mitigate any inconvenience that might have been caused by the change of venue.

Source: Republic of South Africa: