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Somalia takes part global mineral conference

Geneva(SONNA)- A conference attended over 80 countries, including Somalia, has happened in Geneva, the capital of Switzerland.

The minster of petroleum and minerals ministry of Somali federal republic, H.E, Mohamud Abdulkadir Hilal and the Somali ambassador to Geneva, Ebyan Ladane and other participant members.

As told by the deputy minister of Somalia minerals and petroleum ministry, that this conference will focus on issues like; global minerals by exhibiting annual reports about culture-economical, environmental and climate effects on the business of mineral production in the countries operated by the companies which trade in minerals and also to increase the role of economical growth in every participant country from its mineral production and the best way to benefit it.

One of the most important issues discussed in that conference was, and also supporting world's mineral companies specially those smaller ones and their countries for increasing global mineral production.

Ultimately, the participants discussed about setting a vivid policy towards the cooperation of mineral production companies and the worksite inhabitants take an action towards collective protection of environmental problems.

Source: Somali National News Agency