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Somalia Rainfall Forecast – Issued: 28 May 2019

There were increased rainfall activities across the country during the last few days of May and first three days of June. Heavy rains which led to flash floods were reported in Puntland. Some stations recorded more than 50mm in a single day. The Southern regions also recorded moderate rains during the last week of May. The rains came as immediate relief following a prolonged water stressed period.

The cumulative rainfall forecast for the next 3 days (Map 1) indicates light rains in the northern coastal areas of Puntland and Somaliland. The rains will then spread further inland as the week progresses but with lesser magnitude compared to the previous week. The upper parts of the Ethiopian highlands will also receive good rains towards the end of the week as seen in Map 2. The central regions and large parts of southern regions except Lower Juba and Lower Shabelle will remain dry in the coming week save for the coastal areas of Lower Juba and Lower Shabelle regions.

It is worth noting that the good rains seen in the last couple of days only come as a quick relief to the already water stressed sectors. With the Gu rains coming to an end as per the forecast, there remains a huge water deficit across many parts of the country.

SWALIM, FSNAU and other technical partners are in the process of analysing the Gu rainfall performance and its impacts to different water dependent sectors.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations