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Somalia Rainfall Forecast – Issued: 14 October 2019

The last few days saw an increase in rainfall activities in the southern and northwestern regions of the country.

Northeastern and central regions did not record any significant amounts of rainfall. The Ethiopian highlands recorded heavy rains during the same period.

The cumulative rainfall forecast for the next three and seven days (Map 1 and 2) is calling for moderate to heavy rains in most parts of Juba and Shabelle river basins within Somali and the Ethiopian highlands.

The foreseen heavy rains may lead to a further increase in river flow along the Juba and Shabelle Rivers in Somalia, translating to a high risk of flooding along the two rivers. Areas to watch out for river flooding include the entire channel of Shabelle River as well as Gedo and Middle Juba regions along the Juba River. Flash floods are expected in built-up and low lying areas of Bay and Bakool regions given the forecast.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations