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Somalia: “I deserve the opportunity to learn” – Farhiya’s story

Farhiya, 13, had never gone to school before. She lives with her parents and six siblings in Awdinle village, some 30km from Baidoa town of South West State of Somalia. There was no fully functioning school available for the local children, she lost any hope to ever get education. She stayed at home and helped her mother with the household chores.

In Somalia, primary school enrolment ratio is among world's lowest. About 70 per cent of school-aged children are out of school. That is 3 million of 4.4 million children. The numbers are grimmer in rural areas or IDP settlements, where only 17 per cent of children are enrolled in primary schools. Education gaps and needs are largely a consequence of lack of adequate learning facilities, teachers, basic emergency teaching and learning materials, but also insecurity, lack of food and water, as well as limited sanitation facilities.

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs