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Somalia: Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 11 July 2019)

IN FOCUS: Food insecurity increases across Somalia

Somalia is experiencing the negative impact of erratic and abnormally performing Gu' rains (April�June) which followed a poor 2018 Deyr season (Oct-Dec), and unusually dry conditions during the 2019 Jilaal season (Jan-Mar). The Gu' season cereal harvest is projected to be 50 per cent below average. Some 2.2 million people are estimated to face acute food insecurity through September and are urgently in need of food assistance and interventions to prevent high levels of acute malnutrition. This number could increase as the dry season progresses. At only 38 per cent funded by mid-year, the humanitarian response remains under-resourced, forcing aid actors to limit or reduce relief efforts at a time when scale-up is critical. Response continues but not at the required level; much more is needed to increase access to food and protect livelihoods. Compared to last year, when climatic conditions were better, this year's response is notably reduced across most clusters.

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs