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Somalia: Humanitarian Dashboard – March 2019 (issued on 18 April 2019)

Mild to moderate drought conditions were reported in the northern portion of the country in March, as the significantly drier and hotter than normal conditions persisted. The southern areas continued to experience persistent atypical dryness. The dry conditions have adversely impacted livelihoods with a further deterioration of food security in the most affected areas projected, particularly among pastoralists. The poor start of the Gu' rains (March to June), harsh weather during the dry Jilaal (January - March) season, following the poor 2018 Deyr (October-December) rains has resulted in serious water shortages, earlier-than-normal water trucking at increased prices and irregular livestock migration particularly in northern and central areas. The Shabelle and Juba river levels are extremely low, and the river beds have dried up in some areas. Most parts of Somalia did not receive rainfall in March, although some modest rains were recorded in Gedo, Middle and Lower Juba.

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs