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Somalia: Climate Update – March 2019 Monthly Rainfall and Vegetation Cover (Issued April 23, 2019)

March was the last month of the dry (Jilaal) season. High temperatures, dry weather conditions and dry winds persisted in most parts of the country throughout the month. Most parts of Somalia did not receive rainfall during March. However there were localized pockets of rainfall in the northern regions as recorded in the 3rd dekad in Qulenjeed (14.5mm), Wajaale (6mm), Erigavo (4.5mm) stations. Similarly rainfall was recorded in some parts of the southern regions such as Jowhar (16mm), Baidoa (8mm) and Bardaale (2.5mm), parts of Gedo, Middle and Lower Juba in the 3rd dekad as evident on Map 1 and table 1.

Although localized light to moderate showers fell in a few pockets of Gedo, Shabelle, Awdal and Woqooyi Galbeed regions, there was little impact in reversing the accelerated depletion of rangeland and the water resources.

Satellite derived rainfall estimates (RFE) confirm the prevalence of dry weather conditions across the country during the month of March as evidenced on Maps 2-5.

Vegetation cover measured through Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) for March indicates continued deterioration of pasture and vegetation cover across the country. In most parts of the country, depletion of pasture resources led to competition over grazing areas and increased livestock migration in most parts of the country in search of water and pasture.

Serious water scarcity and earlier than normal water trucking persisted in most regions of the country with water prices soaring up in this harsh Jilaal period, particularly rain deficit areas in the north, central and parts of the southern regions.

Source: Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit