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Somalia CCCM Cluster Dashboard – December 2018

CCCM partners conducted a mapping of community governance structures and the formation of 20 camp management committees for targeted sites in Sool.

Members of the committees were selected by the community to be representative of all aspects of the displaced population including women, elders, youth, traditional leaders and minority groups.

Three Community Centers were constructed in Baidoa and two in South Gaalkacyo. These centers will be multipurpose centers and will be used for meetings, recreation and other communal and cultural events.

Dollow site management team registered 250 new households and allocated the families plots in the contingency space of Qansaxlay site.

Eviction risk monitoring was conducted by CCCM, protection/HLP clusters in Kismayo. The assessment showed that 88% of sites are at high risk of eviction.

Data collection for the Detailed Site Assessment was conducted in 39 districts.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees