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Somalia CCCM Cluster Dashboard – as of May 2019

CCCM partners in Bari and Sool are conducting information campaigns on availability of services and GBV referral pathways. Twelve IDP sites were reached with information brochures and community sensitizations.

In Kismayo, CCCM Movement Trend Tracking enumerators recorded 260 individuals as entries and 4 individuals as exits. The majority of the entries came from Jamaame, Jilib and Badhadhe districts and their main reason for displacement is insecurity and shortage of food.

Site development was finalized for the Public Site in Baidoa for the relocation of 1000 HH. Registration of targeted sites was completed and CCCM teams are preparing for camp closure of sites that will be relocated.

Mapping of flood prone IDP sites was completed in Kismayo, Dollow and Baidoa. Site improvements are being made to mitigate flash flooding in identified areas.

These improvements include maintenance of drainage systems, reinforcing latrines and sandbagging and backfilling of low lying areas.

CCCM partners in Sanaag conducted site level assessments to understand the needs of displaced people. From this information, partners will development site profiles and identify priority activities for the implementation of an integrated SHF project covering CCCM, Shelter, WASH and Protection.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees