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Somalia CCCM Cluster Dashboard – as of July 2019

1,000 households at risk of eviction were relocated to a public site with secure and improved land tenure by CCCM partners in Baidoa. Each family received a plot of land, shelter upgrading materials and shared household latrines.

The CCCM Cluster in partnership with the GBV sub-cluster conducted a workshop on GBV integration in CCCM activities. Partners from 9 districts attended and shared lessons learned of GBV integration into their activities ensuring safe access to services for all displaced people.

The CCCM partner in Gedo conducted fire safety training for sites in Luuq and Belet Xaawo. Fire wardens and community watch groups from various sites were trained by the CCCM partner aim empower them to respond to fire incidents in the camps.

A meeting hall was constructed by the IDP Camp Management Committee (CMC) in the site of Hargeisa.

The construction was completed by the CMC with the tools provided to them for the site maintenance by the CCCM partner.

Safety audits were completed in all sites of Kismayo during July. The ndings will be presented in a joint workshop with all clusters and the local authorities.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees