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Somali student in China How i remain in Wuhan during the Covid-19 Outbreak!!

Wuhan(SONNA) I am Dr. Ali Omar living in Wuhan, China,My life in this city started with beautiful experience in terms of the activities hosted by this great city such as the 70th Chinese anniversary in the early days of October 2019, international military games and many others.

Coming to my point, when the news of the new coronovirus(COVID-19) escalated in China and around the globeJanuary this year, the entire city was under lockdown, public transportations were stopped, we were given instructions to self quarantine and the other preventive measures.

I might be right to point out that many news outlets overreacted over the situation, making us more nervous. Being a medical doctor helped me a lot; I decided to be calm, not to panic and to keep my physical and mental active.

Beside that challenge, the real news were great. I got an email from my university, explaining the whole situation, and the guidance to the next plan.

They started distribution of masks, temperature checking, delivering free halal food, daily counseling and special community hospital service if we feel unwell.

Furthermore, H.E., Mr. Xi Jinping, the president of the people's republic of China promised that international students and other foreigners in China will be treated same as the Chinese citizens, I am grateful to my University (Wuhan University) and the government of China, whose efforts and sacrifices contributed not only to the safety and health of Chinese people, but also people of other countries.

Finally, and to the people outside china, the government of china made an extraordinary effort to combat the spread of the disease, the new confirmed cases are dropping, the number of recovering cases is increasing that are good indicators of the current situation, And I wish and am confident that China and the world together will win over the virus in the end.

Source: Somali National News Agency