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Somali PM pays visit to Banadir Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SONNA)-The Prime Minister of the FGS H.E Mohamed Hussein Rooble visited The Banadir Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Mogadishu, SONNA reported.

H.E inspected the Covid-19 treatment Unit, listened to a report from the Hospital Administration and doctors and commended the Hospital’s management and staff for serving the Somali community at large.

The Prime Minister further visited the Military Hospital to see the wounded soldiers who courageously fought with the terrorist group Alshabab by wishing them quick and speedy recovery.

“I highly congratulate our brave soldiers for their dedication in fighting the extremist group Alshabab and we promise to stand with them in the eradication of this terorist group from the country. “Said the Prime Minister.

“We are ready to continue fighting with the terorist group until we make sure we capture their hidding areas”, said a wounded soldier.


Source: Somali National News Agency