Somali National Army kills 5 Al-Shabaab terrorists in Galgadud region

The Somali National Army conducted operations in Gariley and Ali-Yabaal areas in the Galgadud region killing 5 terrorist militants of the Al-Shabaab group as confirmed to SONNA by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, Gen. Ali Anod.

The General also said that the militants who were hiding in the forest of Jir-jir Hirey area which is between Ruun-nirgood and Ali Helle in the Middle Shabelle and Galgadud regions have been cleared.

The operation comes as the Somali army and regional forces are heading to the remaining two districts, Ceel-buur and Galhareri towns in Galgadud region which are still under the control of the Al-Shabaab.

Source: Somali National News Agency