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Somali Military intensifies operations against Al-Shabaab

The Somali military has recently intensified operations against al-Shabaab in lower Shabelle regions in Somalia.

The army has made great advances on enemy territories, they have liberated area that was under al-Shabaab control for long period of time. They met with residents who were worn out and tired of the al-Shabaab rule. They military has initiated basic services to help locals who have deprived of their basic rights.

The commander of the inventory unit of the Somali army General Yussuf Raage Odhawaa in an interview with national broadcast said the current extensive military campaign will continue until the country is free from the grip of the terrorists who have crippled sections of the society.

we will not rest until we pay visit to every single al-Shabaab hideout in Lower Shabelle and flash them out, he disclosed that there is a bigger national strategy that is being implemented that will see the end of al-Shabaab controlling parts of the country

The latest al-Shabaab-controlled location to fall was Sham, a small village that lays between Baririre and Awdegle.

The Somali national army conducted aw ell planned attack on the village that was precise and with pre-determined targets.

The commander of the Somali inventory unit Gen Odhawaa said they induced heavy casualties on the terror group who were less prepared.

Unconfirmed reports coming from the village sham indicate that one of al-Shabaab's most wanted terrorist Ali Mohamud rage alias Ali Dheere has been injured during the raid. National intelligence is yet to confirm but is investigating the possibility and severity of the injury.

They operations is being led by the Somali commandos who have completed their training and have sworn not to turn back until they defeat al-Shabaab terror group.

In retaliatory attack al-Shabaab have carried out attack on military posts in Awdegele region. They military who have been anticipating the attack have repulsed the attack from the enemy inflicting major damage.

Gen Odhawaa said that the bodies of the terrorists are currently being displayed at Awdegle. They have lost many of their fighters that carried out the Attack, the general said alshabaab was no match for his commandos.

The commander said they took in al-Shabaab hostages who have being captured during the attack.

The military have re-opened Awdegle hospital which remined closed for many years due to al-Shabaab occupation, the government said they will relaunch basic services such as social amenities.

Locals have thanked the military for the liberating their home area and assured the soldiers that they will work with them, in order not to see the hardships they have seen in the past.

Source: Somali National News Agency