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Somali military court executes two convicted terrorists in Mogadishu.

Somali military court has on Monday executed two al-Shabaab members for terrorism,

The court executed Anshour Osman Abukar (23), Mohamed Ali Borow (25) in the field of General Kahi's Police Academy Who has been convicted of involvement in terrorist attacks in Mogadishu, including attacks which resulted death of journalist Awil Dahir Salad and General Secretary of Somali women Anab A Hashi on December last year.

The two suspects were sentenced to death by the military court after they pleaded guilty to being members of a terror group. The also pleaded guilty to masterminding and orchestrating several cold blooded assassinations in the city. they were also part of a team that carried out suicide bomb attacks on government and civilian targets

The Somali federal government is making efforts to arrest groups of al-Shabab terrorist and has succeeded in arresting a large number of terrorists.

Source: Somali National News Agency