Somali Foreign Minister Holds an Official Meeting with Russian Counterpart in Moscow

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E Abshir Omar Jama, embarked on an official visit to Moscow, the capital city of Russia Today. He held a significant meeting with his Russian counterpart, Mr. Sergey Lavrov, to discuss bilateral relations and explore avenues for further cooperation.

The discussions between Minister Abshir and the Russian Foreign Minister revolved around strengthening the existing ties between Somalia and Russia, as well as identifying opportunities for mutual growth and development.

During the meeting, the Minister highlighted the significance of the partnership between the two nations, emphasizing the extensive cooperation and support Russia has provided to Somalia, particularly in bolstering the country's security forces, including its Navy.

'We had a fruitful discussion with the Minister of Foreign Affairs on mutual interests and ways to further strengthen cooperation, coordination, and joint efforts. Somalia and Russia have a longstanding relationship, and Russia has been a valuable ally in various aspects, notably in the development of our security forces, including the Navy,' stated Minister Jama.

Sergey Lavrov said that Russia is prepared to provide military equipment to Somalia's army in their fight against terrorism.

Both parties acknowledged the robust and longstanding diplomatic ties between Somalia and Russia, recognizing the potential for increased collaboration across multiple sectors. They expressed their commitment to fostering closer relations and exploring new avenues of cooperation to promote shared interests and regional stability.

The meeting in Moscow highlights the importance Somalia places on its relationship with Russia and signifies the desire to deepen diplomatic engagements and strategic partnerships. The discussions held are expected to lay the groundwork for enhanced cooperation in areas such as trade, investment, security, and cultural exchange.

As the Federal Government of Somalia continues to prioritize its engagement with the international community, this visit to Russia is seen as a crucial step in furthering diplomatic efforts and expanding the scope of cooperation between the two nations.

Both Somalia and Russia recognize the potential for extensive collaboration and are committed to building upon their existing relationship. The meeting between the Foreign Ministers is expected to pave the way for future exchanges and initiatives that will contribute to the progress and prosperity of both countries.

The visit of Minister Abshir Omar Jama to Moscow marks a significant milestone in the diplomatic ties between Somalia and Russia and underscores the commitment to strengthening relations for the benefit of both nations and the wider region.

Source: Somali National News Agency

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