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Somali commandos conduct operations in Camaara, Mudug

The Somali national army commandos have conducted a surprise operation in Camara district in Mudug region with pre-determined targets. The exercise was targeting individuals working with al-Shabab terror group whom intelligence reported to be hiding in that region.

The operation that started at dusk saw the arrest of three al-Shabab informants, they have been encouraging al-Shabaab maneuvers by providing intelligence to their fighters. They will be charged for aiding terror group and taking part in terror activity.

The operation is still ongoing and the commandos are following further leads and they will not stop until all the suspected al Shabab sympathizers are apprehended and brought to justice.

The al-Shabaab terror group is facing biggest threat from the government forces who are recently exercising muscle and are applying pressure on the terror group from multiple locations. The terror group seem overwhelmed and are pushing back some going into hiding.

This operation was conducted by 21st battalion, this unit was recently re organized in which its top-ranking officials were replaced. They have spread them selves in Galmudug and Mudug region and they liberating new areas from al-Shabaab and maintaining peace in those regions.

Source: Somali National News Agency