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Somali commandos capture Owdeegle district from Alshabbab

News reaching our desk indicate the district of Owdheegle in Lower Shabeele has been liberated from Al shabaab after Somali military conduct a well-planned raid on the terror group's territory.

The Somalia national television crew accompanying the military in the operation confirmed that the military are in full control; of the district and they are currently combing through the town to make sure there are no terror cells hiding in the liberated area.

The commander of the Somali inventory unit Gen. Odowaa Yussuf Raage in a phone interview with SONNA said the highly trained Somali commandos have conducted the operation and with minimal casualties they were able to free the city from Al shabaab Hold.

The Commander added that this is part of wider plan that they seek to get rid of the Al-Shabaab menace which has crippled the society for many years

Source: Somali National News Agency