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Mogadishu(SONNA)- Somali National Army stand for defending the land, sea and air of the country from enemies. To achieve these goals,they carryout massive operations across all regions of Somalia and combat terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab and Daesh. Over the past months several locations that used to be under the control of the terror group Al-Shabaab have been liberated.

The ongoing military operations by the Somali national army supported by its allies against Al-Shabaab has covered several provinces across south central of Somalia. Some locations were under Al-Shabaab control for the longest time cutting off supplies and basic needs from its inhabitants. With the help of the government these locals received much needed assistance and vowed to work with the government.

The biggest achievements include the fall of Owdhiigle, Bariirewhich used to host Al-shabaab illegal courts. People used to be summoned to these areas to be extorted and threatened, thanks to the national army their control of these areas have been lost.

These intensive operations have dealt the terror group with significant blow weakening their terror capability. The era of Al-Shabaab is about to be concluded if the government continues to put the same pressure and already signs have started to emerge, These signs include; series of defeats suffered by Al-Shabaab in the battle fields, internal divisions,reduced spiritual and field leaders, decline of foreign fighters in their ranksand forced recruitment of local fighters.

The above-mentioned tremendous victories by the Somali Army has resulted in series of defections by commanders and militants from Al-Shabaab who are trying to escape in order to avoid crackdown by government troops. The government of Somalia has promised not to prosecute defectors but rather rehabilitate them back to the society.

Source: Somali National News Agency