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Senior Official Killed in Somalia’s City of Basaso

WASHINGTON � Authorities in Somalia's Puntland region say an unidentified gunman has shot dead a senior regional official who managed the Puntland presidential palace for the last 12 years.

Aadan Gas Huruse was shot in Bosaso, Puntland's main port and economic hub.

He was sitting at the cafeteria of Hotel Haruse when a masked man with a gun appeared and shot him several times in the head and chest, one of the witnesses told VOA Somali.

Speaking to the local media, Puntland's police Chief Gen. Abdulkadir Shire said police are still investigating.

Al-Shabab claimed responsibility on Radio Andalus, its mouthpiece in Somalia.

A member of our Jihadists has shot dead the General Director of Puntland's Presidential office in a daylight in Bosaso, the statement said. It also accused Puntland of being an ally with Ethiopia.

On Thursday, two gunmen armed with pistols killed Puntland's deputy police chief, Col. Jama Sahardid.

The violence comes a day after authorities in region said security forces had destroyed a base belonging to fighters aligned with militant group Islamic State, following an attack at El Ladid, a village 30 kilometers south of the port town of Qandala.

Source: Voice of America