Rail+Metro China 2014, the 9th International Rail & Metro China Expo will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 17-19, 2014

SHANGHAI, June 10, 2014 / PRNewswire — Since its debut in 2002, Rail+Metro China has become the leading trade show in rail and urban mass transit industry in China. The event scale of Rail+Metro China 2014 reaches 20,000 sqm, with more than 180 renowned enterprises joining the event, highlighting CSR, CNR, Bombadier, Alstom, Knorr, ZTE, Vossloh, Thales Saic, Casco and ContiTech. The enterprises come from over 14 countries and regions, including Mainland China, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovakia, Britain, Spain, Austria, American, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and HKSAR.

A series of products including overseas star products will be displayed at CNR’s remarkable booth. The subway cars made for the Hong Kong subway are the most high-end ones in the world. The manufacturing process is in accordance with the strict implementation of international standards of which make it the world’s top vehicle. Meanwhile, the first intercity rapid transit vehicle will also be displayed at the CNR booth. It will serve to connect downtown and suburbs, railway station and hub areas, central city and satellite cities. The maximum speed reaches 160 kilometers/hour.

Perhaps the CSR booth’s most beautiful sight is the Nanjing Puzhen Kylin tram. This tram will enter operation in time to service the 2014 World Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. It is the first catenary-less, lithium energy-storage 100% low floor modern tram in the world and was researched and developed by Puzhen CSR. It is innovated based on Bombadier’s latest generation 100% low floor tram platform and Suzhou tram’s technology and combined with the environment of Nanjing City.

Alstom’s CITADIS solution is modernized transportation product which offers innovative solutions for the alleviation of trafficand reduction of both pollution and noise in urban areas. With Alstom’s multi-functionality system, CITADIS provides the perfect solution to integrate the traditional and modern parts of every city. Meanwhile, CITADIS modernized electric rail cars can further bring out the energy and spirit of any city. Regardless of whether it is modification or expansion of existing vehicle fleets, CITADIS can be tailor to provide customized solution, making your transportation dream come to life.

You may refer to www.metro-china.org for details. We look forward to seeing you at Rail+Metro China 2014 and hope you appreciate the charm of Chinese railways.

Jessie Hu


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