Qatar Charity sponsors 20 Ghanaian orphans to perform Umrah in Mecca

To enhance the psycho-social development of orphans, Qatar Charity a Non-Governmental organisation has sponsored 20 Ghanaian orphans to Mecca inkingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

Apart from boosting their confidence levels, the trip will also offer them social, and educational experience.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra said the team has already left the shores of Ghana and the Umrahwould also prepare them for greater achievements in the future.

Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage for Muslims because it's not obligatory but important.

The statement said the Ghanaian orphans would also get the opportunity to interact with other students from different Countries.

According to the statement, the Country Director, Mr. Hasan Owda, who is leading the trip said it would create an avenue for them to visit some other historic landmark places of Islam.

The statement said the trip would last for eight nights in Mecca and during that period, the children would engage in sports and academic competitions with other orphans from other countries who would equally be participating in the Rofaqa programme.

The country Director the statement added that they would visit the zam-zam, Alhafa and Al-Marwah, the Holy kaba, the spot of Abraham, prophet Mohamed mosque in Madina, the Quran Book factory, Gharu Hiraa the first place of revelation of the holy Qur'an among others.

The Director, according to the statement said all preparations concerning flights, accommodation, shopping had been arranged before their departure.

Guardians and relatives of the orphans commended Qatar Charity for the sponsorship

Ahmed Morty, a family member of one of the orphans expressed gratitude to Qatar Charity for the opportunity, saying 'Today we are happy our son Abdulwahab is among the 20 Ghanaian orphans airlifted to Mecca to perform Umrah, we appreciate Qatar Charity for great charity they are doing.'

Fatima Osman on the other hand was happy that Osman Quanor was part of the trip.

Madam Fatima Mohamed the mother of Mosa Faruq said 'I could not sleep last night as I had the feeling that my son was traveling to the holy land, may Allah bless Qatar Charity for the opportunity.'

Source: Ghana News Agency