Pyramid Has Been Rented Out? China’s Internet Company Maybe the First Tenant

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) — Chinese Internet company NetEase will likely become the first tenants of the pyramid and will hold ‘Dragon Sword’ 3D ARPG game release conference at the Khufu pyramid in November 6th.

In March, the government had considering renting out pyramids and other historical monuments to foreign investors in order to solve years of economic crisis. If we can fulfill this plan, the shortest term would be possibly 5 years. By then the government may receive about $ 200 billion rent, this number is sufficient to help the government pay off its high external debt and revive the sluggish economy.

This is the first burst of pyramid lease information since the exposure of this plan. Sources said that the cost will amount to millions of dollars .

NetEase is one of China’s largest gaming company, with its products affecting millions of people. ‘Dragon Sword’, which is its newly created internet action game, containing the pyramids of Egypt , China’s ancient civilizations and other countries’ civilization and culture. Currently, the ‘Dragon Sword’ has been officially announced that the press conference will be held at the Khufu pyramid on November 6th.

CONTACT: Zhang Lingwen

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