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President Farmajo re-opens the sixth session of Somali parliament

The president of the federal government of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo reopened the sixth session of the national assembly of Somalia, Members of parliament return from 2-month leave.

The president delivered a speech as usual at the opening of the 6th session where he thanked the members for accomplishing a lot in the 5th session that was concluded.

H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said the current system Somalia adopted is federal system and it will remain that way until a referendum is conducted to decide otherwise.

He said Somalia is currently a federal state and no particular group can change that until a referendum is conducted. However, some people understood the whole concept of federalism wrong, they forget that the federal government is responsible for the unity and the policies of the entire country and no one can change that fact no matter how hard they try.

Somalia is ready to build a healthy relation with east Africa and the world at large,He said Somalia is an important country to the region and the world and it will build relations based on mutual benefit. The president said

Also Somali's president insisted that Somalia is a sovereign nation with clear cut boundaries with its nation and any part of its territory is not up for negotiation,This comes at a time when tensions between Somalia and Kenya are all-time high due to the maritime dispute that is set to be heard at the ICJ in November,Kenya has requested an extension of the hearing date to give room for negotiation, a request that was strongly rejected by Somalia.

President Farmajo said that he held discussions with federal states and all stakeholders where he discussed the fate of Banaadir region. Banaadir region has been a sensitive area where politicians and elders hailing from Banaadir region have requested better representation at the federal level.

After due diligence and proper consultations, the president assured the people of Banaadir that their request has being considered and currently there are efforts to give Banaadir region better representation.

During his opening remarks,the president said his government has prepared several development agendas that will unify the country,He pointed out that his government will put emphasis on fighting corruption, justice, organizing the financial institutions, natural resource sharing and implementing proper federalism.

The president urged both houses of the parliament to debate and approve current bills in the house and the ones coming in the shortest time possible so that he can Fasttrack their implementation.

He added that the bills that he has signed into law are of great importance to the country. He told the honorable members that every bill that is brought to the floor of the house will be vital to the completion of the constitution of Somalia.

These laws are the ones that will guide the governance of this country and they are the ones that brings accountability to everyone. He added.

President Farmajo speaking on Somalia's debt relief program said a lot has been done to meet the requirements of total debt relief. He said its at the final stages and by end of this month, his administration will have fulfilled all the requirements that has been placed in order to get the much-needed reprieve.

Briefing the parliamentarians on the just concluded Somali partnership forum, he said it ended in success as it was the first of its kind. He thanked the countries that participated and the important roles they played.

The previous phases of the Somali partnership forum were held in London and Brussels but this time countries were satisfied with the relative security the city has achieved. 50 countries converged in Mogadishu for the first time in history since the fall of the central government in 1991. President farmajo said

On Galmudug the president said that the central government has played an important role in unifying different groups and helping the people of Galmudug to establish their own state government. The process is ongoing and it is steered in the right direction.

He urged all the honorable members to join efforts to deliver a unifying government for the people of Galmudug and leadership that will lead Galmudug into prosperity a better co-existence.

Finally, the president urged the people of Somalia to forgive each other and hold hands in unity so that we build a nation that's based on brotherhood and patriotism.

Source: Somali National News Agency