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President Farmajo meets with the ministry of constitutional affairs and the parliamentary committee on constitutional review

The president met with constitutional review stakeholders to have an understanding of the current state of the review process, he met with the ministry of constitutional affairs, parliamentary committee constitutional review and the independent committee on constitutional affairs. The three institutions gave a briefing on the current status of the review process and the president was updated on the progress made so far.

The minister for constitutional affairs detailed out the work done in the last two years which he said was only possible through the cooperation between the three institutions and he also explained the current tasks that are ongoing. The minister also talked about his strategic plan to complete the review process and his plan for motivating his team to complete in the shortest time possible.

The three institution agreed that the current pace was good and the process is set to be completed as projected. He stated the technical work was over and the drafting is complete, all that is remaining is the consultative forums that will create consensus for sensitive issues.

President Farmajo who was chairing the meeting listened to all the reports form the ministry and the two committees', after they completed their reports the president praised them for their hard work and the progress they made. President Farmajo said completing the review process was top priority for his government and he is putting all the resource they need at their disposal in order to complete smoothly. The president said the current political stability in the country has contributed a lot to the constitutional review process without which the work of the intuitions involved with the constitution would have difficult if not impossible.

The president stressed that the current political stability in the capital is impressive and it needs to reach all the states in Somalia. With political stability in all the federal states the constitution review process will be even more easier.

The president said having a complete constitution that represents everyone is the dream of all Somalis all over the world, so every citizen who is in a position to contribute in its perfection shouldn't withhold and let's unite all our efforts in producing a final constitution.

The president said he recognizes the efforts of the ministry of constitutional affairs and the two committees have put in and the harsh environments they sometimes have to work in.

In attendance at the meeting was the deputy prime minister of the federal government of Somalia Mr. Mahdi Mohamed Gulled, minister for constitutional ministry Mr. Salah Jama and the chair of the parliamentary committee on constitutional review Hon Abdi Hasan Awaale Qeybdiid and the chair of the independent committee for the constitutional review Mr. Mohamed Dahir Afrah.

Source: Somali National News Agency