Perk Practice – A Win-win Situation with the Canton Fair’s Invitation Programs

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire   — Good business is built on more than just great products and services. It’s about making connections and rewarding effort. With this in mind, the Canton Fair’s increasingly popular invitation programs are now giving buyers and exhibitors the opportunity to reach out and share in the event’s success.

The Regular Buyer Inviting Friends (RBIF) and Exhibitors Invite Purchasers (EIP) Rewarding Programmes mean networking at the Canton Fair has never been so profitable. The RBIF program, introduced at the 107th Canton Fair, is aimed at overseas buyers, and has already received enthusiastic reviews.

To participate in the RBIF program, frequent attendees simply log in to the BEST (Buyer E-Service Tool) on the fair website and send out invitation letters to their colleagues or friends. First time buyers who present the invitation letter receive their entry badge free. Both inviters and new attendees also have a chance to win dining and coffee coupons, as well as the opportunity to attend a VIP lunch.

The EIP program, introduced at the 113th Canton Fair, gives exhibitors the opportunity to invite old and new purchasers through an online platform. Companies who reach out to the most purchasers are recognized and rewarded for their efforts, and everyone benefits from professional correspondence, enhanced attendance and more contracts.

When it comes to drumming up new business, the EIP program is already proving its worth. For the 113th Canton Fair, a total of 7,684 invitation letters sent out by exhibitors. As a result, 2,060 purchasers came to the fair on invitation, of which over 250 were new attendees.

Many exhibitors participating in the EIP program have expressed their satisfaction with the new scheme.

“The online Easy Access Platform makes the EIP system user-friendly,” says Wang Daze, CEO of Solidtop Co. Ltd., a program award winner. “When exhibitors have the opportunity to professionally invite clients it’s clear that more purchasers will attend.”

For the 114th Canton Fair on October 15, the EIP program has already been stepped up with a focus on publicity and improved incentives. Coming together through the fair’s invitation programs, frequent buyers, new buyers and exhibitors can now look forward to a richly rewarding event. As they say, points win prizes.

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SOURCE:  The Canton Fair

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