Pinkerton EMEA Head Office In The Hague

 - Interseco will be Pinkerton from July 1

THE HAGUE, Netherlands, July 1, 2014 / PRNewswire — The Mayor of The Hague, Jozias van Aartsen and the Global CEO of Pinkerton, Jack Zahran, unveiled the Pinkerton logo on the home of the former Interseco office building today. The rebranding of the former building is the final step that began more than a year ago for the two iconic companies. Pinkerton sought a strategic location for its EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa) headquarters, and given the history and regional groundwork of Interseco over the last 25 years, The Hague was chosen to be a well-equipped business partner to meet the increasing international demand for services in the field of risk management, safety & security and intelligence. Choosing The Hague was not difficult. Jack Zahran: “The Hague is the city of international peace and justice. Pinkerton operates in the safety, security and risk management sector. The Hague was the most obvious choice to plant the flag for our EMEA hub.” The Mayor of The Hague, Van Aartsen, was pleased with this decision: “The Hague Security Delta is becoming the signature safety cluster in Europe. Multinationals like Pinkerton are vital for that development.”

Pinkerton and Interseco
Interseco has been a well-known provider of risk management, security and investigation services in the Netherlands with a history of 26 years serving multinationals, small businesses, governments, profit and not for profit organizations and private persons. The Pinkerton brand adds 160+ years of knowledge and experience as a global market leader. Both organizations use a holistic approach, with a wide perspective of working towards specific and pragmatic solutions for clients across the globe. From July 1, Interseco will operate under the name, Pinkerton.

International clients
With the new EMEA head office in The Hague and offices in London, Prague, Abu Dhabi and Dubai Pinkerton will be better able to service clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa more directly. “The reduction in time differences alone will be a vast improvement for the quality of our service”, according to Gert Jan Schol, Vice President | Pinkerton | EMEA.

About Pinkerton
Pinkerton is the industry’s leading provider of risk management services and solutions for organizations throughout the world. Pinkerton provides a wide range of reliable and innovative corporate risk management services in Investigations, Employment Screening, Protective Services, Security Management and Consulting, Crisis Management and Emergency Response, Intelligence and Information Services, Brand Protection and Intellectual Property Protection. With offices worldwide and a global network of dependable resources, Pinkerton maintains an unparalleled reputation of protecting clients and their assets locally and internationally.

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