Oromia Region to Boost Wheat Production to 180 Mln quintals Next Year

Oromia Region president Shemeles Abdissa has announced today that his region has planned to boost the already successful annual wheat production to 180 million quintals during the next production year.

In a presser he gave after visiting the "Agriculture Science Exhibition" organized under the theme "From Laboratory to Agriculture", Shemeles said, in a bid to produce the stated amount, over 4.7 million hectares of land will be cultivated both during summer irrigation and main farming seasons.

According to him, this year Oromia regional state has managed to produce 100 million quintal of wheat in both summer irrigation and main rainy season.

Just four years ago, the Oromia region used to produce some 30 million quintal of wheat annually using 900,000 hectares of land, however, currently it has reached 100 million quintal he said.

The emphasis, priority, budget and leadership given to the sector in the last four years has resulted in an impressive results in the wheat sector, he elaborated.

The wheat sector, along with other agricultural sectors, has been given a lot of attention in terms of human resources, technology and money, and thus the farmers and pastoralists are achieving amazing results.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency