Optometrist calls for regular monitoring of eye pressure to manage glaucoma

Dr Daniel Opoku Gyamfi, Optometrist at Savanna Opticals, Tamale has expressed the need for people to monitor their eye pressure regularly to manage glaucoma.

He said glaucoma existed in many individuals due to their genetic associations and it was important to do routine eye examinations to manage glaucoma to prevent blindness.

Dr Gyamfi, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tamale, described glaucoma as an eye disease that caused progressive damage to the optic nerves of the eyes leading to blindness.

He said the disease was characterised by high eye pressure, which could not be treated adding ‘The only way out is regular examination and management of eye pressure to prevent further vision loss.’

He reiterated that glaucoma could not be reversed irrespective of its advanced stage but could be managed to prevent loss of vision.

Dr Gyamfi said detecting glaucoma at an early stage was vital in preventing vision loss and advised members of the public to go for regular eye checks and glaucoma scans.

He said an eye examination in a year was a good routine as well as adherence to medical prescriptions.

He said ‘Even after glaucoma surgery, you still must monitor your eye pressure. There is no time you can be free from glaucoma once diagnosed.’

Dr Gyamfi addressed some misconceptions associated with glaucoma pointing out that it was not treatable.

He said glaucoma was not contagious as speculated but one could get it by virtue of their blood relation to someone with it.

Source: Ghana News Agency