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Official speech of President Farmajo during 59th anniversary state dinner held at villa Somalia, 1st July

Mogadishu(SONNA)- Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to villa Somalia in this historical moment.

We are indeed happy to have you all here to join us this evening to celebrate and honour the 59th anniversary of our independence.

Somalis around the globe have been celebrating this joyous occasion throughout the past week. It is a celebration of hope and enthusiasm for all Somalis around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen as you have witnessed Somalia has been making steady progress throughout the years and I am glad to share with you that my government has made tremendous achievements since I came to office with some challenges or difficulties.

In the economic front, Somalia has made great progress in fighting corruption, increasing internal revenue and meeting with IMF benchmarks for debt relief.

Fighting corruption and introducing new governance reforms has enabled my government to pay salaries for government employees on a regular basis and eliminate ghost employees which used to burn our meagre resources. Additionally, my government has succeeded in shutting the many loopholes in the financial systems. We are committed toworking with international partners to establish suitable governance reforms both at federal and state level.

Ladies and gentlemen, despite our security challenges, I believe Somalia has a brighter future. This is indicated by the faith and strong will of my people and resilience to firmly stand up against terrorism.

Once again, I would like to underline that Somalia will win against its enemies and that it determined to advance in all sectors.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank the international community for their unwavering support in assisting our people. I would also like to underline that your efforts are not wasted.It has played a substantial role in the progress that we have made in the past few years. We are here to work with our international partners to build a great future for our people. However, we expect more development projects from now on.

Finally, I would like to conclude my speech underlining that my government and people are committed to moving our country forwards and building as a country at peace with itself and its neighbours.

Source: Somali National News Agency