NUA Teacher-Training Strategies Connect With International Audience in Qatar

- Eric Cooper Shares “Pedagogy of Confidence” on Visit

DOHA, Qatar, May 1, 2014 / PRNewswire — Dr. Eric Cooper, the President of the National Urban Alliance (NUA) for Effective Education, is in the midst of a three-day visit to Doha, Qatar, and has received great feedback on the NUA’s approach to teacher training and school improvement. Dr. Cooper has been sharing insights and lessons from his work with NUA to help schools embolden teachers and accelerate academic achievement for all students.

“I hugged my son eight times this morning!”

That was the reaction of the Middle East International School high school supervisor after experiencing the power of Dr. Eric Cooper’s April 30th presentation.  She was reacting to a spontaneous group activity led by Dr. Cooper that featured the transformative properties of oxytocin (the “trust neurotransmitter”). In addition to user-friendly explanations of neuroscience, the presentation touched on hope, belief, determination, the benefits of mediated practice and the real meaning of intelligence.

During his trip, Dr. Cooper has been received by the American Consortium Center for Training (ACCT), an organization managed by Dr. T. Josiha Haig, a former United States superintendent of schools and an attorney.  He has met with the leaders of the Birla school network, DeBakey High School, and the Middle East International School (MIS) in order to better understand the successes, priorities and goals which these institutions are intentional about obtaining. NUA Chief of Staff Dr. Ahmes Askia will be presenting at MIS on May 7 and 8 about “gifting education” to all students, focusing on improving creative and critical thinking.

ACCT senior facilitator, Dr. John Ramos, believes that the NUA’s professional development work with schools and educators in America translates perfectly to the aspirations and needs of the Middle East International School.  ”With its focus on neuroscience and culturally responsive teaching strategies, the NUA approach, codified in Dr. Yvette Jackson’s award winning book, The Pedagogy of Confidence, brings the issue of quality front and center,” he said.

Mr. Salem Al Mohanadi, Founder and Chairman of the Middle East International School, said that Dr. Cooper’s visit inspired school leadership and that his message is one that would be appreciated by the wider community of schools in Qatar. “Dr. Cooper’s emphasis on student strengths and the giftedness in each child reminds us all of why it is we are engaged in this business of education.”

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