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New House President lays down the law

Newly-elected House President Demetris Syllouris on Monday announced a series of measures and regulations whose implementation will ensure the parliament’s best operation.

Firstly, he told his first press conference as House President, the regulation on mandatory participation by MPs at House committees as well as the plenum will be fully enforced. And that those MPs with unjustified absences will see their salaries cut.

In addition, former MPs and ex MEPs will be utilised as part of parliamentary diplomacy, and an open dialogue with mass media members will assist the better cooperation between the House and journalists.

Syllouris also said he will minimise the time dedicated on ceremonial events and increase instead the time dedicated on issues concerning social groups and ordinary citizens.

At the same time, he announced that the House Selection Committee will be made up of the House President, three MPs from ruling Disy and three MPs from Opposition Akel as well as two by centre Diko party.

Committee chairmanships have been divided as such: six for Disy, five for Akel, three for Diko, one for socialist Edek and one for Citizens’ Alliance.

Earlier on Monday, Syllouris paid a courtesy call on President Nicos Anastasiades who is accused by opposition parties of having taken behind the scenes action to ensure he got elected to the top parliamentary post.

The favourite was hard-line Edek leader Marinos Syllouris who had the backing of centre parties.

Syllouris got elected with the votes of Disy and of the three MPs of his own Solidarity Movement.




Source: In-Cyprus